I can't publish my ark mod

So I been lately working on a mod, and well… I was done with everything and I filled in all the correct things but the publish button is disabled for some reason?

Heres a screenshot anyways:

It would be a pleassure if I could get help.

FYI you spelled structures wrong.
There could be a few reasons.
A. It doesn’t like your thumbnail. Try a 500x500 pixel .png.
B. You didn’t cook it using the right cook setting (map/mod/TC). You probably want mod
C. Are you including a map named StructersMod?

There is only 1 reason why the upload button will be un-clickable and that’s when there is something entered into the “Test Mod Output” field. The “Test Mod Output” is just that, for Testing. Not uploading therefore it doesn’t light the upload button when cooked as a test.
Leave that line empty, cook it again and you will be able to upload.