I can't open my projects objects & textures whats going on!?

Ok, so it all started when I had a folder called ‘tetures’.

Yes that was a mistake I met to name it ‘textures’. So I never knew I mis-typed it until about 3 months later, so I then renamed the folder from ‘tetrues’ to ‘textures’ so it then copys the ‘tetures’ folder and creates a folder named Textures with the same Textures in it so I then delete the mis-spelt folder and keep the new one well the game/software won’t let me open a Texture, Blueprint, Widget, etc. So I then restored the level with a backup and it still does the same thing but in this case I have what I had before the same folder that said tetures so I then go to my levels that have not been worked on for a good month or 2 and I then try to open up their Textures, Blueprints, Widgets, etc and they wont open either.

So in this second photo this is what happens when I try to open a Texture, Blueprint, Widget, etc so I’m starting to conclude my software has a crashed file in it and needs to be re-installed is this what I need to do?

After I found out the Textures, Blueprints, Widgets, etc were not working after using my backup. I then upgraded my version from 4.9 to 4.10 and it still did the same thing.

Should I try re-installing my engine? I assume it will be a fresh slate and then I can install my files with my backup. Any suggestions?