I can't open any blueprints

Branch: Binary

Build version: 4.4.3-2296771+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.4

Detailed description of the issue: I cannot open any blueprints or change any settings. I had to remove my map from my assets to even load my project!

Screenshots/Link to video:

Repro Steps

Action 1 Open Project
Action 2 Open any blueprint
Action 3 Error

This happens 100% of the time no matter how many assets I remove.


LOG Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/pMnzPq7a
Dump: Download @ UppIT

Hey -

Thanks for the report, does this happen when you trying to create a blueprint as well? What about a blueprint included with one of the project templates (such as MyCharacter in the third person template)?

I had a similar issue before, it was due to my blueprints somehow “forgetting” what their parent class is.

I was able to fix the issue by copying my Build, Config, Content and Source files into an “Empty Code Project,” rebuilding the project in VS2013, and then loading the Unreal Editor.

It’s weird, though, because my above “fix” doesn’t always fix the problem for me. I sometimes have to do it several times (slightly differently) before it will work.

When I create a blueprint it will open with ease. There are some files that are fine such as the skeleton file but all of the important assets crash upon loading. The project template files are fine as well.

Are you able to open a blueprint if it is parented to one of the blueprints that is causing the crash?

I’m unsure, I am unable to right click on the affected files without crashing.

It doesn’t work for me. I can load up the project but not the files.

Are you working in a code based project? If so did the name of the class that the crashing blueprint is parented to change?

I am working on a blueprint based project.

Hey -

Are you able to open the blueprints if you move them to a new project? I would suggest trying to move one blueprint at a time to see if you can identify which one (or ones) is the cause.

Hey -

I’d like you to try something for me. Go into the Content → Animation folder for your project and remove the FPP_Fire_Montage.uasset, you can just cut/paste it to your desktop for the time being. Are you able to open your blueprints with this file removed?

I don’t have that file. Also, moving the assets to a new project doesn’t work.

Could you remove all of your blueprints from the current project (just move the blueprints folder to your desktop). Then bring back each blueprint one at a time and try to open each one after bringing it back in as well as each previous blueprint. This should give us an idea of how many are affected and which ones are causing the problem.

Alright, I will try that soon.

ASP_Character is the only asset failing to open without crashing.

Just to make sure I understand correctly are you saying that ASP_Character is the only asset to cause the crash or are yous saying it is the only one that will not crash?

If it is crashing, what happens if you remove it from the project and then try to open a blueprint? Could you create a new project with a fresh copy of ASP_Character and then move the second copy into your project folder?

ASP_Character is causing the crash. I can however I will not be able to open ASP_Character which I desperately need.

Were you able to migrate in a new copy of ASP_Character from a different project?

I brought in a copy of ASP_Character from the original project and it didnt load still.

What process did you use to retrieve the copy of ASP_Character? Did you copy the file from the project folder or did you migrate it into your project from within the editor? Are you able to open ASP_Character in the original project before moving it to your project? Also, did you change anything about ASP_Character or it’s references after moving it to your project (add any nodes to cast to and/or from ASP_Character or reference it in another blueprint)?