I can't move anything in the viewport

I just opened my project today and I can’t move anything on the viewport and also on the blueprint the PIVOT is completely blocked, I’ve tried to repair the editor and nothing happens, I also tested it on other projects and the same thing happens.

You’ve set your grid snapping too high:


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Sometimes you are stuck on the renaming mode. When you create an object make sure you clicked on a free space

Not mine is 1.

I was successful removing all files from the config folder except input.ini, Before that, create a backup of your project settings, such as: rendering…

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Final Edit: Found my culprit to be the ‘Near Clip plane’ in project settings was set too low. After setting it back to 10, and restarting editor, everything is working fine.

Hm… fired up the engine today and everything was messed up. I’m having this same issue - nothing will move in editor without holding shift key. Also, when using ‘start from here’, my character is spawning from my camera position, not where I click. Gameplay stuff is messed up too - my lock on function suddenly is locking on to a random vector. Lots of stuff just going really funky out of no where. I have been working on this project daily for 2 months but this stuff just appeared today. Already cleared binaries. Also tried to restore settings to default to no avail. Going to research more and may have to reinstall engine?

Edit : Really interesting. Something in the config has suddenly made this happen to me as well. I checked my version control and nothing in the config files actually changed between when my engine was working and when it wasn’t. After removing the config files, things are ‘working’ again - but that isn’t a fix because I need those config files. So Now I am going to try to track down what in those files is causing my engine to fail. -.-