I Can't migrate certain files from one project to another!

I’m trying to migrate some BP’s and some Enums from a different project but when I migrate the files they show up in the folder but not the content browser… I’ve tried restarting ue4 and my computer, I’ve tried putting them in manually instead of using the migrate tool but nothing seems to work?

What do you mean migrate? Do you actually just copy the files or use the asset migration tool in the editor?

Like I said, I tried both but some of the assets don’t show up in content browser.

This is an old thread, but I haven’t been able to find a suitable topic online for the same issue. The issue I was having was that blueprints were broken (specifically enum references) if the package was migrated to a new destination, within a sub-folder of content, in the new project. The only way to get all references–especially blueprints–working is to migrate the package to the root “content” folder location in the new project. Later, the package can be moved to a sub-folder within the same project.