I can't make sequencer render from negative frames, always starts from zero!? PLEASE HELP

In the “Render Movie Settings” Ive cheked “Use Custom Start Frame” and typed -030, I also put my Playback Start green marker on the same frame and extended the Camera Cuts to the same location on the timeline. The render always starts rendering from 0…!?
Please help! Is that a bug, or I’ve missed something along the process, I’m a new user and still learm my way arount?
Tanks in advance.

I just tested this via Movie Render Queue and the simple “Render Movie Settings” and it works in both cases. Maybe check if you have non-standard filename formats or relative frame numbers enabled.

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First and foremost I wan to tank you for you answer Speido. It seems that checking this “Use Relative Frame Numbers” fixes this issue, but its wierd because the Help explanation when you hold the cursor over it says “True If frame numbers in the output files should be relative to zero, rather then the actual frame numbers in the actual animation content”. I was thinkin that this one only rename the negative frames to start with 0. So yea, thank you again for your answer. At the time I was able to fix this by changing it to movie, because I noticed that it only happen wen using image sequence type formats. :slight_smile: