I can't make a progression bar

Hello everyone,

I have a** blueprint that will make grow a mesh** over a certain period of time & with a **progress bar **:

Then i have another BP (widget BP) to make the progression bar for this mesh grow :

**My problem (**like you can see on the picture) is that i’m not able to connect the object pin..who should be my mesh BP.

I’ve tried another version of the progress bar BP widget :

This time the progress bar appear, but i have no progression, the bar stay at 0%.

Maybe someone know what i did wrong ?

Thanks a lot everyone for your help. :slight_smile:

Instead of binding the progress bar value to the Bush object, you can ask the widget to update its progress bar manually every time you update the Grow variable. This way your widget does not need to know what it’s updating.

You can create a new function inside the widget that takes in a “Float” input (for passing Grow value) & uses the “Set Percent” function of the Progress Bar to update it. Since the widget is being created from within the Bush blueprint, you can store the widget as a variable (right after the Add to Viewport node) and call the new widget function after you set the Grow variable.

Hello @Stormrage256 and thanks a lot for your reply,

However it’s been 40 minutes and i still can’t really understand what you explain to me, due to my beginner level.

When you say “Since the widget is being created from within the Bush blueprint” -> I was supposed to create a widget with the Bush blueprint ? Like a child BP or something else ?

Also : “store the widget as a variable” i don’t know how to do that :s

Thanks a lot for your time & for your help.

I had assumed that the first screenshot you shared was from the Bush blueprint. If that is indeed the case, what I was referring to was that you were calling the Create ProgressBar Widget node within the Bush blueprint itself. You can grab the output (Return Value) of that node and select Promote to variable and you get a new variable as shown below:

So basically, now you have a variable in your Bush blueprint, that points to the Progress Bar Widget you created. And using this variable you can call functions within the widget. For example, I can get the progress bar and update it like this whenever I update the value of the Grow variable:

Thaaaank you a lot ! I fully understand now and it worked !
Youuu saved my day !

You really deserve your “champion” statue !

Thanks a gain @Stormrage256 :slight_smile: