I can't login to AnswerHub

Sorry if this is not the correct place but I am trying to login in Answerhub and it redirected me to some error page. I tried to get help from Unreal Engine twitter but didn’t work.

Please help me out.

check your

Take a look at this link: There you can find some solutions :slight_smile:

  • I moved the thread into the feedback section, so that you get a faster response
  • always make sure to post your questions here in the forum or answerhub → fast answer, many people are online,…

Check you’re what? :confused:

Hi ubi,

What is the specific error message it is giving you? Can you share a link to the page you are trying to log in from?

my computer shut down just when i was about to click reply

internet settings dns address or something

Haven’t been able to log into answerhub ever. Always get “There was an error contacting the remote service”. Any browser, any computer. Have tried months apart. Still the same. Just sent an email to accounts to see if it’s an account issue.

Hi cheese_eaters.

I’ve discussed this with our accounts team, and they should have your Answerhub account fixed up soon.


Hi there, I know this is an old thread - but I’m having the exact same issue. Whenever I try sign in - I get redirected to this error page: Login - UE4 AnswerHub

I have fixed the issue with your account that was causing this. Please try again. (you may need to sign out first and clear browser cache/cookies)

Hi guys, sorry to bother, but I have the same exact issue. I’ve never been able to log in Answerhub. I have a game-destroying issue with navmesh I can’t solve in any way and that I never heard of on a game that’s 95% complete, so I really need Answerhub badly!

LucaFoxArt - your Answerhub account is now fixed.

Thank you so so much Stephen. I confirm my Answerhub account is working perfectly!

i cant login to answerhub. i keep getting error “There was an error contacting the remote service”. I have tried on different browsers and different devices. the same issue happens. Any help?

Your Answerhub account is now fixed.

Im facing the same error as the other ones (cant login to anwerhub).
Can you fix my account too?

btw. why are you not fixing all UE accounts when so many people have this issue?

Your account is now fixed.

Believe me, I wish we could. Our web vendor for the Answerhub software is working on resolving the issue (it only occurs for a small percentage of Answerhub accounts). In the meantime, we can fix it on a case-by-case basis.

Hi Stephen, I also am getting this problem now. Can I get some help?

Your account is now fixed.