I can't jump anymore.

Hello everyone !

Recently, I got a small problem on UE4 v4.17.
Since some days, I can’t jump anymore, even after checked many cases (CanJump in Character Blueprint, variables in Animation Blueprint, etc…)
However, I can still crouch, crawl, run and do other movements, so I can’t figured out what’s going on :frowning:
Before that moment, I could jump without any problem…
And when I check the CanJump state with a printstring, it tell me false, even if I checked that case :eek:

Can somebody help me, please ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Yes this has happened to me before when it comes to updating the Engine you have to rewrite the Jump blueprint to something else I’m afraid the one you use will not work anymore I don’t know why this happens but when this happened to me I had to rewrite it some something else that basically does the same thing.

Thank you for your answer, so I wrote a new blueprint script for jump, using the “launch character” node, and it works!
Anyway, I hope there will not be these kind of bugs anymore.

Pretty old now, but this “surprising” behaviour happened to me, too, when I was expanding the jumping logic and using the Input Event node. This overrides by default the internal jump behaviour. Maybe the same happened to you. Just uncheck the “Override Parent Binding” box in the Input Event node, if that is the case.