I can't install Version 4.7 because i don't see it

i will install Version 4.7.

Now i have installed Version 4.6.1.
But in the UE4-Launcher i can’t see Version 4.7. I only see Version 4.5.1 and 4.6.1.
I have tried to Deinstalling the Unreal Engine and Reinstall the Launcher but without Success.
Can you tell me please how i can Install Version 4.7?
Kind regards,

Hi halobungie,

You said above that you have uninstalled the Launcher and then reinstalled it, this has been the workaround for this issue so far. Could you post a sceenshot of exactly what you are seeing in the Launcher?

All you should need to do is click Library on the left hand panel, then click Add versions at the top of the main content window, next to engine versions.

Hope it helps

now i can install it. Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,

A picture speaks a 1000 words :wink:

I can’t install 4.7 either, because it’s not in the drop-down box of versions to install.
Is there a fix for that?

it doesn’t apear here to