I can't install UE4, "Installation path can not exceed 32 characters"

I CAN’T install UE4
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error message mean ‘The installation path can not exceed 32 characters.’


The directory you are installing UE4 into is probably too long.

“C:\Program Files\Unreal” is okay, but “C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop\Games\GameEngines\UnrealEngine” for example is too long. Installing UE4 somewhere else should fix the problem.

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I Install 'C:' or 'C:\Program Files'

but I CAN’T install!!!

I apologize for the inconvenience. I have requested additional support from our engineers. Thank you for your patience.

Sorry for the trouble. We are investigating why the installer is failing for you in this way. For now, you can use the following installer to get past your issue:

This is an older version of the installer but the launcher will patch up to the latest version.

NOTE: The launcher installer intentionally restricts install path lengths. The workaround posted above was intended for very rare cases where the installer incorrectly flagged a short path for exceeding length limits. The workaround is NOT intended to circumvent the path limits imposed by the launcher installer. Doing so will most certainly cause issues(ex. Failed validation on engine installs).

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install problem solved!


Was this fixed? I still have that issue with 4.7.1…


Hey ,

Are you having trouble installing the launcher or installing the 4.7 engine?

More details about the error you’re seeing would be helpful.

I am having the issue with the Launcher installer (latest version). It’s still giving me an error when installing with a path longer than 32 characters.

I currently use the installer provided in this thread instead, and update the launcher, but it’s less than ideal of course.

Also, the old installer used the name “Unreal Engine” and now it’s defaulting to Epic Games. I’d really love to be able to decide the folder name and not be forced to use Epic Games. I’m currently using Unreal Engine, and all my shortcuts / source control paths are set to use this name as well.

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Could you post your issue in a new report in the Installation & Setup section? This original issue is close to a year old and that installer version is likely outdated.