I cant install UE4 after subscribing

after i subed to ue4 i cant install it why please let me know

please note im runiing on mack os

We will need a bit more information to be able to help you out. Where are you getting stuck. Please be as specific as you can, otherwise it will be hard to help you out.

anaway im subed to ue4 but when i launch it it will not install the engin for me im extremly confused as to what to do

Go into the library in the launcher and click onto the 4.4 install button :slight_smile:

i can install the launcher but not the engen

there is no install button for me

i can install the launcher but not the engen andthere is no install button for me

it tells me to subscribe even though i am

4now it says im not sucribed to unreal even though i did it about two hours ago please help i deleted ue4 in a aptempt to re install it and now i cant i realy dont want this to be a wast of money some one please help

Hi TheNarrator,

Could you please check to see if this is still happening? We had a Launcher issue yesterday that seems to have resolved for most people now.

Hi everyone,

We are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. The Launcher issue from Sunday 9/7 has been resolved. We are currently looking into the cause so we can make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

If you’re experiencing a similar Launcher issue, please refer to the link below and post a new AnswerHub question.


Thanks, TJ