I can't get this button on this widget to open level

4 buttons here…

1 . Start Game (does not work for some reason)

  1. Options (this is empty for now)

  2. Credits (instead of opening the credits widget, for some reason I don’t understand actually DOES open the thirdpersonexample map which I wanted for button 1!)

  3. Quit Game (is the only button that works correctly here :()

Why does it not work right? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I just added “remove from parent” to the first three and now all three open the level. They are each parented to the corresponding button, and all parented to the Uniform Grid Panel??? Can anyone explain to me what is going on here? Thanks.

Remove from Parent is removing the MainMenuWidget from the viewport (the ‘parenting’ of the text to buttons is unrelated to this). When you add the widget to the viewport, the level isn’t unloaded, it’s still there, you just can’t see it because your widget is fullscreen and opaque. HUDs showing health/ammo/etc. are exactly the same thing, but you can see the level because they are usually transparent.

Ahh ok, thanks, that explains it then. And then I suppose the level Blueprint has dominion once play button is pressed so it keeps defaulting back to the mainmenu widget.

Any idea why I can’t get the credits widget to be called when button 3 is pressed? Is that create widget node in the level BP causing that?

As far as i know Removing and creating a widget isn’t a good practice cuz it will reset everything in that widget back to default. Hiding and making it visible is a better option.

Clicking Button_3 is creating your widget but it is not being loaded because the AddToViewport is missing

Ok thanks will try that.

Ok thanks that did it!