I can't get my AimOffset to work and I have no idea why

It looks like you’re rotating your character at the same time so it would cancel itself out that’s why the yaw value is almost 0. You either need to prevent your character from rotating while aiming (and use camera direction instead) or retrieve the values some different way.

Im trying to get my aim offset to work while holding the aim button, but it just wont work. Although it did this morning but I mustve changed something to break it and I can’t figure it out.

If I [preview][1] the aim offset it looks fine. If i [hold the aim button][2] ingame everything does what its supposed to do, except of course the Aim Offset.

[Watch on yaw, pitch and the is aiming boolean][3]



I’ve been trying to solve this myself for the past 12 hours but just cant figure it out, can anyone help me?

If this is the case, wouldn’t the forward animations still play from the aimoffset as long as I dont move and just aim forward?

That’s probably because your aim animation is not set up properly. From the video you linked it is going through 3 states immediately. You need to split them up in aim start, aim idle and aim finished.

Edit: or it can be just 2 states aim idle and hold at the last frame and then when you stop aiming continue to aim finished.

Also you should not be pulling stuff from your player in the animgraph. You should be caching that stuff in the event graph to local variables. Otherwise your entire AnimBP will run on the game thread.

Fixed it, I realised I needed a specific “aimed in” blendspace.