I cant get in my Epic account.

Every time i try get in to my account i get this massage that says: “sorry your account is inactive and may not login”.
I don’t know what to do i spent money into this account.
I tried to change my password but it tells me the same masssge.
What can I do? please could somone help me?

Hi there,

You will need to contact Epic Support to fix your account issues, here’s how to do that:

To contact Epic Account Support please fill out this form. It says Fortnite, but it’s for UE4 support too, just select “PC/Mac” from the Fortnite Game Platform combo-box, select a random Game Mode, and then use “Accounts” option for Game Issue. Make sure you provide enough detail for Epic to help, they will contact you using the email address you provide on the form.


I tried already but they aren’t answer me.

They’re working as fast as possible but it may take a few days for them to get back to you due to the massive amount of Fortnite issues that get reported. They will respond as soon as they get to your issue.


I’ve been getting e-mails of “Unsuccessful Login Attempts” all day and I couldn’t even get into my account to change the password. Someone seems to want to enter. I’ve nothing to steal, but I had to login on an old PC which logs in automatically to be able to change the password to the highest difficulty and add two-factor authentication.

I can’t its kicked me from my account on the Epic luncher.

I do really wish you guys would separate the UE4 accounts from the Fortnite accounts. I would consider my UE4 account to be for business. I feel like it needs to be a relatively professional representation of myself and my studio. It just feels weird…

Also everyone please make sure you do not have any payment options saved to your account, especially if you are getting the “unsuccessful login attempt” emails.

The hackers are using Epic account holders with payment options to purchase Fortnite V-Bucks, which they are then reselling on some pretty shady websites. Removing the payment option is the first thing anyone receiving the emails should do to protect yourself.

Here’s some information posted by Epic explaining what happened and how they intend to fix the issue:…urity-bulletin

You should be making those changes here, hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner of the page and select “Personal”

EDIT: Misread your post, I wrote the following as I thought you meant how we use the Fortnite Support page for both rather than a separate UE4 support page (below it is a proper reply):

Agreed, it’s not ideal.
Epic is currently revamping their support systems, so we’ll have to see what they come up with. It’s just a temporary solution for now.

As far as separate accounts go, I too am in favor of this. I know it would create a lot of hassle since the launcher accesses both UE4 and Fortnite, but it would go a long way to preventing V-Buck Scams.

Perhaps it’s time to go back to a launcher only for UE4 and Unreal Tournament, or lock off sections of the launcher based on account type. I know Epic wants to promote the use of both Fortnite and UE4, but this is causing some unintended consequences (such as AnswerHub receiving large amounts of Fortnite posts). Not saying this is an ideal solution, but based on the quantity of user reports over the past couple weeks it seems the hacking issues are increasing again as much as I hate to say it.

Agreed, I can definitely understand it would be a pain to change things, what with the launcher and all. It really seems like the only way forward as far as solving these issues. I also know there’s been a number of people upset in the community regarding the perceived focus on Fortnite above the engine itself. Separating the accounts would go a long way in showing some goodwill towards those ones.

And also, that is a very good recommendation you have about removing saved payment info!

i don’t know if you got it right but this is’nt my main account.
and i cant get in my main account that mean i cant change any iformation about paymant and change password.

i cant do anything about it no one helps me from Epic and they wont help me.

i cant get my account back beacause i forgot the email and the pasword please somebody help my i spend money in this account if helps my name is xdahfbw 4cdsj

Hi all.

I’m going to close this topic just because we cannot help you here, and I don’t want people to be confused and think that this is the right place for help.

If you are unable to access your Epic Games Account, please follow the link:

There are a number of articles that may be able to help you. Please review them. And if you still need help, click the “Contact Us” button on that page to contact our account support team. They will respond by email as soon as able.

Thank you.