I can't find this function in 4.16.3 , what should i do?

i need to use this function in widget to hover over some inventory slot


The function you searching been introduced in 4.17 and it meant to replace GetMousePositionScaledByDPI which still exist in 4.19 and have this deprication warning:

//DEPRECATED(4.17, "Use GetMousePositionOnViewport() instead.  Optionally and for more options, you can use GetViewportWidgetGeometry and GetPlayerScreenWidgetGeometry are newly introduced to give you the geometry of the viewport and the player screen for widgets to help convert between spaces.")
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, BlueprintCosmetic, Category="Viewport")
	static bool GetMousePositionScaledByDPI(APlayerController* Player, float& LocationX, float& LocationY);

So if you don’t want to update to 4.17 or later you are forced to use GetMousePositionScaledByDPI instead which as you see above is also binded in blueprint so there should be node like that