I can't find my interface in folder but can see it in class default setting

This is an example I downloaded and I found something very interesting about the “VRGrip Interface”.

The interface is added in the class blueprint as showing in the picture. Normally beside the implemented interface there should be an magnifier icon to search for the interface in content folder.

However, there is no icon in this case, nor can I find it in any folder.

Can anybody cast me some light on this question? Thanks.

I have the magnifying glass on my interfaces assigned in my 4.15.1 project.

I’m wondering if the interface you’re referencing is coming from a plugin (whether it be engine plugin, or project plugin). In which case, the interface source file is not within your content folder, and thus, no magnifier glass to search.

Also, if the interface is based upon c++ and not a Blueprint, you wouldn’t be able to search for it either.

Hey CarlyleWW-

As mentioned, interface assets that exist in project code or plugins will not have a magnifying glass icon as the interface itself does not exist inside the editor. If this is a custom interface, then the behavior you’re seeing would be expected.