I can't find Delay node.

I’m very new to UE4. And I’m doing this tutorial (

In this video, the speaker describes how to make “While Loop with Delay” macro. And Delay node is used in this macro.

But I can’t find Delay node! I can find it in Actor’s Blueprint window, but I can’t in macro window.

If Delay node couldn’t used in macro, how should I make delayed loop?

please tell me!

It’s available in macro. I have a for loop with delay.

Thank you for replying…

But There is no Delay in my macro Window. Is it a bug?

Or are there any settings involving this?

My UE4 is Version: 4.24.3-11590370+++UE4+Release-4.24.


I have the same exact issue can find it in actor blue print but not in the macros, was this an issue with the version we have?

Many thanks,

Is it the same with the “Context Sensitive” checkbox turned off? The corner of the Executable Actions box?

What’s the parent class of your macro library? I bet it’s UObject.

UObjects don’t have World and therefore don’t have nodes such as “delay” or “find all actors of class”, etc.

If you’re making macros for UI, pick Widget as parent. If it’s for game logic, pick Actor as parent. They’ll have world.

create advanced class → Blueprints → Blueprint Macro Library … Parent class ACTOR.