I cant find a suitable object from my cast!

Hello there! I have a little problem trying to cast a monsterBP in my animnotify event, because my monsterbp will be an AI, so when I cast the monsterBP I need an object to connect with the cast!

PS: I already finished my characterBP animnotify without problems, AnimNotify -> Cast CharacterBP (object -> getplayercontroller index 0).

I tried almost everything in engine on my monsterBP Object, but does not work! Someone can help me please?

Thank you!

Have you tried to pin from an “get AI controller” node?
Also, you should post this in the blueprint forums

Yes I already tried get ai controller, but says that is not inherited.

Sorry for wrong section, i will search for the blue print forum!

Your question was rather vague, but it seems like you are trying to cast so that you can play the proper animations. If so, just know that a cast will not work unless you are playing the game, it will always fail in editor while previewing due to things not being initialized (such as AI being spawned).

I will post the images, is same type of notify but the working one is from my character, and the not working one is from monster.