I cant find 4.7 download

I cant find the download link for 4.7.
Only gave me option 4.7.6 in library.
strictly need 4.7 only for university.
where can I find link for that specific download?

Would 4.9 work?

not sure if you can download unpatched versions of the previous engines

You should ask your Prof because the .6 is simply bug fixes without any features. I would be surprised if he/she would object to less editor crashes…

Hi Devon,

With the Launchers binary version there is no way to grab just a single Hot Fix build, like 4.7.0 vs 4.7.x

If you need something that specific you will need to use the GitHub to grab a 4.7.0 build. You will also need Visual Studio so that you can build the source files. You can scroll back through the releases here: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/releases

You will need a GitHub account that is linked to your Epic ID before you can access it though.