I cant figure out how to dynamically change the projectile velocity of the first person shooter template

So I have been trying to change the velocity of the projectile after you go over a pick up, I have made my other shot types work, But it seems like I cant make increase the velocity dynamically.

If I change the settings before hand, so the game begins with a high velocity shot, it works… but if the blueprint tries to change the velocity it doesn’t give me an error, but it also doesn’t change the velocity.

is it because the velocity attributes are part of the projectile blueprint itself and NOT a variable?

If so, how would one go about making it a variable that effects the velocity?

Thanks in advance.


First up you posted twice.

Next is, there are 3 variables. Look at the bottom of my pic.


yeah but just changing the speed changes the velocity. i don’t even need to edit the velocity one. but I will give it a go setting all 3.

but thanks for the heads up on posting twice… it went funny, and I hit post again.

okay so yes setting the velocity also did work, however now it literally just fires in the direction of the X axis. so how do I make it fire from the end of the gun barrel again?

I think I posted the wrong Velocity

Try This


You legend, thank you! :slight_smile: works a treat!

Sir, How can I increase initial speed every I press “h” ?