I can't download Xcode install for metal compiler


After rebooting my computer I was able to download the Unreal Engine 4.26
I now seem to have an issue when I launch it, it cannot fin the Xcode
installer for metal compiler and I can’t download Xcode because I am running under OS Mojave on my Mac
Is there anyway to bypass the Xcode?


Facing the same issue.

I’m having the same problem. And after I tried to install Xcode from Apple’s site, I received the msg:

“Xcode can’t be installed on [VolumeName] because macOS version 11 or later is required”
(This machine is on 10.15.7 Catalina and checking under the Apple is says this hardware is up to date. A 2012 MacPro laptop 2.5Gh Dual i5 is probably too old/EOL not supported?)

:(. … Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you Community

This helped me resolve. Also try installing a lower version of code and not xcode 12/12.5 which is the latest. It worked for me.