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Retro like this? → Maze War - (1974) - YouTube

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yes I am trying to do that.

FAB :smiley: ( and some more text, just to keep the auto checker happy ).

You can do it with cubes and a post process volume

Or, you could just make really thin wireframe cubes, but I have a feeling that would get very ‘aliasy’…

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This is what I did. I have little knowledge about material and all rendering stuff so I used emissive color and only disabled bloom from post process. That was all I want but the video is also very intriguing

as for navigation, when pressed w character moves x or y according to forward vector and character can only return right or left if it is empty. I did that with two line trace. One for x and one for y. If both are not collided with something at the same time character can turn

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