I can't change the skeleton for my imported animation

i just started using the Send2ue4 addon on blender which allows u to export super fast and easily. previously i had already and imported animation with skeleton and physics stuff and it worked fine, but when i export via the addon it looks like it’s changing the skeleton somehow? buz i can’t change it and the engine treats it as completely different asset, so I’m not able to combine it.
Annotation 2021-08-21 213552
this is the new skeleton.
Annotation 2021-08-21 213628
this is the old skeleton except that it has an extra socket
Annotation 2021-08-21 213643

Best answer is likely to be “Don’t use that trash”…

really? it looks really useful tho it’s super fast, i make a change i press a button and i see the results immediately…

If you export your FBX right you can click “re-import” and get much better results.

that’s gonna reimport everything which is not what i want most of the time.

No it doesn’t. It re-imports the specific mesh from the saved fbx.
Weather that be skeletal or not.