I can't change animation in animation montage(can't add key)

i created a animation montage and imported 3 drinking animations. the water is too far from mouth and i wanted to make closer a bit. but changes that i make doesn’t show up in level. before the anim montage i can simply add a key and change the bone. but i can’t add a single keyframe now.

Any answers would be wonderful. I also would simply like to add a key in order to rotate the mesh for a door opening animation but the " +Key " Button at the top is unhighlighted seemingly no matter what combination of settings I have tried.

Can you edit the animation (NOT MONTAGE)?

I was struggling with this until I noticed that you need to have a bone selected (root or whatever) before the “+Key” button will enable. Hope that’s you’re issue also. Cheers!!

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thank you it was such a great help…