I can't build the editor project

HI all
could some of you help me? I down loaded the source code and run GenerateProjectFiles.bat(setup.bat run successfully), but it give this error.
WARNING: No Visual C++ installation was found. Please download and install Visual Studio 2017 with C++ components.
ERROR: Visual Studio 2017 must be installed in order to build this target

I have already installed VS2017 and I can use it buid win32 proj.

could some one heeeeeeeeeeelp me?

From the error, it sounds like it’s specifically referring to missing C++ installation files. Are you certain you selected C++ support when you installed Visual Studio? It doesn’t seem to do this by default.

thanks for your reply.
when I install vs2017, I select C++ desktop development and C++ game development.

Oh I find the cause, after I remove all VS redistribution it works.