I cannot use top down enviornment

I bought the top down sci-fi environment today, but I can not add it to my unreal engine 4.1, because it is only compatible for 4.4-4.10. Is it possible for me to download 4.4, because I do not want to waste my money. If there is a link to the download of the 4.4 version, then please provide that. I am trying to use 4.4 on my laptop.

You can certainly download version 4 or most any major version of unreal.

Start the epic launcher then go to the library section and press the “add versions” button. It will add a new engine version icon to your library that will default to the newest version. Click the upper right corner of the engine icon and you will be able to select which version you wish to use. After you are complete, click “install”.

Hopefully the attached screenshot will help clarify.