I cannot use Interact key more than once? :(

Let me explain it in full detail.

So, in my game, I am making the player press E to interact with things in the level. Such as drawers, doors, chests etc.

Now, I managed to make an interactable chest of drawers, when I press E, I can open each drawer, press E again, closes the drawer.

Now this is where the issue comes in. I made a door where you press E, it should open. But the engine seems to not allow me to use the interact Action multiple times. Seems to only work for one object.

Also if I try to press E on the door, even if it doesn’t open at all, I cannot interact with the drawers anymore.
I have tried doing a different Input Action key for the door and it works but I don’t want to use multiple buttons to open things.

I prefer just using E for interactables. Also I am not using a mannequin, it’s a first person from scratch, I’m saying this just in case.

I don’t know what to do, help is highly appreciated because I’ve been struggling with this for so long.

I’ll put the attachments for the blueprints down below just in case it may help more to indicate what may cause the issue, thanks!! :slight_smile:

First image is the start of my interact drawers code, 2nd image is the door.

The first time your open the door you set the ‘can open’ bool to false. From then on that’s why you can’t open it…

I don’t think that’s the issue though considering if I try deleting the Interact with drawers blueprint, the door interaction works perfectly.

Have you tried using breakpoints to see where the executable ends? Does the input action even execute?