I cannot subscribe, you keep declining me..

Tried three different cards (2 Visa, 1 MC) and then I tried a friends card, I tried my Mothers card and all were declined.

Our details are correct, all our cards are fine, the problem is your end.

Hi Scaramoosh,

Please email for more assistance with subscription difficulties. You can also look here: for more information. Thank you!

Is a Paypal option going to be added?

Edit: I tried several times and it accepted my address after changing it around. I have no idea why it wanted my County in the town option, I took that as my region… it is really fussy!

Hi Scaramoosh,

We are currently working on implementing paypal, though I do not have a definite timeline. You may find the other thread: to have more information on the subject. Thank you and have a great day.

the link doesnt works.

Maybe we should open an tread to collect all the potential new engine users here at the forums without creadit card access.
I wait for paybal support too because I never needed an CC here in Germany.

Hi everyone,

That thread already exists, though I did check and the link I provided does not work. Let me try again: . This link should give you access to the thread that has this information. Thank you!