I cannot seem to get the Dev Kit on Steam to work...

So, to begin, I realized that in all reality this game doesn’t have a lot of weapons. So I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to wield a LOTR Gondor sword?” But finding that the mod community has like 5 weapon mods; and no LOTR mods at all. I decided to do it myself, and found the ARK Dev Kit in the tools tab of Steam and downloaded it.

What I didn’t realize was that it doesn’t work unless you go through hell and back for a launcher, a launcher I cannot seem to download.

The tutorial (Workshop) states that I need some sort of Unreal Engine 4 launcher to start it, and followed these: Unreal Engine 4 on GitHub - Unreal Engine steps to get the link to work, but it won’t seem to work.

I got a unreal account, I’ve had a github account for years, I copied the username to the Epic Games Github name box in the account settings, and then went to the link, still a broken 404.

The heck am I doing wrong? I just want to make a simple Sword mod :frowning:

(TBH, no wonder there isn’t hardly any mods for ARK, they’ve made it a living hell to try and get the Dev Kit to work; all you got to do for the Steam one is start the Creation Kit).

Also the option of downloading it via the Epic Games Launcher is a no go, I am not re downloading all 50 gigabytes of broken dreams and hopes.

Your link there is for the UE4 source code, which probably isn’t what you want. You want the UE4 launcher in order to install the dev kit.
Go here:

create an account, log in (or just log in since you said you already have a UE4 account.)
click the “get unreal” button in the top right of the Unreal Engine 4 page, there is a button to download the launcher after the landing page.
download by clicking the link under “Get unreal engine.” You DO NOT need to get the source code from gitHub!
once installed run the launcher
click the “modding tab” in the launcher
on the right select Ark Dev Kit and click the install button (install takes aprox. 70-80 gigs presently. That includes whenever the kit updates so make sure you have that much space you can leave on your drive at all times. Which means in reality you need double the required amount if you ever want to update the dev kit. Ridiculous I know.
have fun!

incidently these are the same instructions given in the first link but just more detailed.

What do you mean “Also the option of downloading it via the Epic Games Launcher is a no go, I am not re downloading all 50 gigabytes of broken dreams and hopes.”
What is wrong with it? If you really need the gitHub version these are the proper steps:
1/18/2021: ARK Dev Kit v321.1 is now available on the Epic Launcher - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums!

When linking the two accounts, an email is sent that includes an invitation to join the UnrealEngine repository as ARK’s fork is private.

What? There’s over 1,700 mods for ARK in the workshop…

Then sorry, but you’re **** out of luck. The Steam DevKit stopped at about v20x.x or something if I’m not mistaken. The DevKit is now at v245.9, bringing with it many, many changes that have been made to the core of ARK(not including all the content inclusions), without which, I am 97% sure any mods made with such an outdated DevKit would never work in the game and cause crash after crash.