I cannot play listen server / client PIE

I’m having an issue with UE 4.11.2 - 4.13.0 on a Win 7 with a 980 (updated drivers)

I can not play listen server / client from PIE. UE4 becomes completely frozen. I have to open the task manager to shut down the program. If I build and manually add the listen server and client commands to shortcuts everything works just fine, it’s playing from PIE that doesn’t work. I know it’s not my project because I also created a stripped down UE4 default third person project and it locks up when trying listen server / client combinations.

If I play as listen server PIE works until it starts to load the client, as soon as the loading window appears UE4 locks up and the client version just plays single player.

If I play as client the listen server loads up just fine in its own window but UE4 never connects, is locked up, and never shows.

I tried looking for crash logs but can’t find any, I assume because UE4 hasn’t actually crashed it just locks up.

I’m looking for any help or thoughts or logs… or something.