I cannot find Unreal engine 4.27 on epic game launcher?

I have epic games installed on both my office pc and home pc. I usually download Unreal engine on office pc then transfer it to home pc because i dont have proper internet at home. But recently Unreal engine 4.27 is not showing in my office pc but it does shown in my home pc.

As you can see ver 4.27 is not available on my office pc

I’m having this issue as well. 4.27 just doesn’t show up as and option to download

Same problem here. Anyone got a solution?

I solved it by deleting one of the three other versions already visible, I deleted 4.24 and then clicked the plus sign on Engine verisions, and then 4.27 was visible.

Yes. Under library uninstall versions you do not want. I removed 4.24 and UE5 as I’m not on the bleeding edge yet :wink:
Looks like there is only room for two engine versions. Once those are uninstalled hit + button, V. 4.27 shows up

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if you do not see version 4, go to Epic Games Launcher> Library, and click the yellow plus button on ENGINE VERSIONS and you will see older versions.


best regards Erjon Sadiku

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I cannot find unreal engine 4.27.0 in the library, what should I do?

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click on the number of the version to open the versions menu


thank you … thought I clicked on everything … sigh :man_facepalming: