I cannot find Animation Finished Event in UMG widget event graph? is there a replacement?

I am following this video tutorial Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Ability System Pt.4 - Interrupting - YouTube and at 12:58 he asks to highlight the Interrupted Animation Variable and to right click the event graph and find Animation Finished (Interrupted). It is not there for me. Did they change this from 2 years ago? Is there an alternative?

Thank you in advance.

Specific Animation Finished Events are still around, but you have a few alternatives.

There is a generic “on animation finished” event. You can check if interrupted was the animation and go from there. Alternatively, there’s a node called “Play animation with finished event” just plug your animation variable into “in animation” and continue the code after “Finished”

Hope those get you back on track!

Event Dispatchers ftw!

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@BDC_Patrick offered an excellent solution. But I would add that you need an unbind after the action is completed