I cannot figure out a way to equip an item, but keep that item in my hotbar while its equipped.

I have a full inventory system, and figured out how to equip items to my character, but when equipping the items it disappears from my inventory hotbar, and equips onto a socket on my character. Im trying to figure out how to keep the item in my hotbar, and pressing 1 will equip and unequip the item, while keeping said item in my inventory. Sort of like Rust, or Reign of Kings did. Ive tried to spawn a duplicate in the action bar slot, then when unequipping destroy the actor in the socket being used, but I cant figure out how to spawn the duplicate in my actionbar, but the destroy actor works.
Here are some screenshots, any help offered is greatly appreciated! Been stuck on this for awhile as dumb as it sounds.
Screenshot - cb9c819388c7a99dc6436bc60014d80d - Gyazo - The On Use event, hitting button associated with hotbar uses item or equips it
Screenshot - 5bb92e90ad8f1b57410a40e0c7b24d60 - Gyazo - The sword, with the equip system inside the swords event graph
Screenshot - 9cff0083d359c4a9f80e977f96afa31b - Gyazo - The item equipped, but not in the hotbar