I cannot copy Landscape from a level and paste another level.

Hi guys! I am trying add level to persistent level but if level has landscape, unreal closed and show usual crash report? What should I do for that? I don’t want to make landscape again :S. Also I tried copying landscape from level and paste to persistent level, crash again! Actually problem is I can’t copy and paste landscape to another level! Please help me, Thanks!

So it was long ago I had to work around this problem - iirc - I made the level I was going to move the landscape to non-visable - IE hide it with the eyeicon - also to making other things non-visable or un-loading extra levels from the editor seams to redue crashing - less items/levels the better it seams to work. Let me know if that works or dosen’t and I will try to remember all the things I did - it was maybe a year ago.

once you are set up and about move the landscape save, then try to move it.

Also makeing hiding foliage help too, gl.

Edit: think you need to learn about “move selection to current level” might help you.