I cannot access to the Epic Game Store "tab" for my newly created game


Each time I try to access the Epic Game Store info for my newly created product I get this message


I did change my organisation to “enterprise” after creating the product, by creating another product (that I cannot remove now) didn’t fix the problem

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Seems it is related to that: Epic Online Services (EOS) Developer Support

The Publishing Tools are currently enabled by default for new organizations. If you don’t have an existing product that is already using Epic Online Services or Epic Account Services, the fastest way to get the publishing tools would be to create a new organization and a new product.

If you would like to keep your existing organization, or work with an existing product, please reach out in a private discussion (you’ll need to be logged in with your Epic Games account to do this) and provide your organization and product id, and our team can help you.

When you create your private discussion, please also specify one of the following choices:

  • I have an existing organization, and I would like to be able to create new products that are enabled for the publishing tools.


  • I have an existing organization with an existing product that is using Epic Online services / Epic Account Service, and I need to enable it for the publishing tools.

Also, please be sure to select Epic Games Store in the topic dropdown.


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