I can’t sprint and jump moving FORWARD - but I can sprint and reverse, as well as straight left and right…

Hi all, I initially posted this in the wrong sub forum, apologies, I didn’t mean to double-post. I will do better next time.

Hi all,

Pretty self explanatory in the title. I followed a basic sprint tutorial but I can’t sprint and jump moving forward, which is really want I want.

I CAN sprint backwards and jump. I CAN strafe left and jump, I CAN strafe right and jump.

I can NOT go forward and sprint and jump!

One element that read about were some keyboards not allowing 3 key inputs. I am running with “W”, I am sprinting with “shift”, and I am trying to add the third key of jump with the spacebar.

The issue is I CAN use “S” and “shift” to sprint backwards and jump.

I can also use “a” and “d” to strafe left and right with “shift” to sprint and jump. It just won’t work when I go forward.

I have setup print strings to print to the screen when I am:

  • Sprinting
  • Not Sprinting
  • Jumping

… and I just can’t get the jump mechanic (or the “jumping” print string) to happen when I am going forward and sprinting!

Is there something that when going in the “w” direction (forward) that is blocking the jump input when “shift” is used to sprint?

If it makes any difference if I am walking forward, I jump, and then in MID AIR I hit and hold “shift” I do get the sprint effect ONLY WHEN I LAND, but the print string does show up on the screen when I hold down shift, and the height of the jump.

It is getting a bit comical as I am so close to getting the functionality…

Would help to see some of your code. Not sure is this is an issue with your animation BP or with code itself. When you say you can’t sprint forward and jump, are you referring to animations, or do you mean that your character doesn’t actually lift off the ground?

How are you handling the sprinting? Are you just increasing the max walking speed, or something else? There isn’t really a universal way of doing these things so we need to see specifically what it is you’re doing.

Show us your code and we can help debug.

Keyboard rollover is a thing of the past, that’s unless you do have a keyboard from the past. You could test how badly it is affected here:

A simultaneous Shift+W+Space combo should be achievable on pretty much any hardware. If it works, you may need post the offending script, as suggested above. It may be a logic thing someone can try poking a hole in.

My man / women / whatever - that website helped a lot.

I CAN’T get a 3 key combo to work with “w” + “shift” + “jump”.

I CAN get a 3 key combo to work with “a/d/s” + “shift” + “jump” - does that show that they keyboard is fine, but it is the interaction between windows + unreal that is having an issue? Or if it doesn’t work with the website is it not an unreal issue at all?

This is a pretty new computer, 32 gig ram, i9, blah blah - had for 2 years. I have run into issues in Blender where a specific hotkey fights with nVidia performance overlay…how would I take the next step to figure this out?

Maybe I will try to bind to a different key?

If it does not work on the website, it has nothing to do with UE.

Is this a laptop? It’s more likely to have dodgy keyboard.

Maybe I will try to bind to a different key?

That’d work fine, most likely.

Making progress.

If I change from an action mapping of left shift to a keyboard event of left shift, there is no change.

If I arbitrarily change the input to a random key, I chose “t” for giggles, it works perfect.

At a windows level would something blocking using “shift” as the third key? I guess that website you sent me pretty much illuminated the issue, Unreal doesn’t even know that the three key (“w” + “shift” + “spacebar”) is happening.

What is my next step? Would I have to find another usb keyboard to test with?

Thanks for working with me,

Groan - its the keyboard.

I snagged a BEAT Apple keyboard from back in the day, changed everything back to action mappings, and loe and behold it works perfect.

Thanks for the help and the website. I guess I get to debug some POS keyboard now - my org has say 50 of these machines with identical keyboards.

Hail Mary question and then I will leave you alone (thank you again), do you have any idea on what I would search to fix this at a windows / hardware level?

Happy Friday,

I don’t think it’s fixable on OS software level. Neither it will be on the hardware level - that’s to the best of my knowledge. It will be a particular device’s limitation and it will vary between brands. There truly are better and worse keyboards in this very aspect.

You might as well pick up an off-brand $4.99 unit, smash your face against it and get a perfect result; while the BigWig RGB Carbon Ultimate will beep at you if you press 3 arrows. Very unlikely to happen for a device manufactured after 2010, though - it was a key (ehm) selling point back then.


Thanks for help.

If the keyboard is busted, unfortunately the only thing you can do really is buy a new one, or rather new ones. Atleast they are not very expensive