i can´t launch ue4.7 offline


i´m using the ue4.7.

now i removed my pc and i havn´t an internet connection.

every time when i try to open my project in the following steps, there is no way to get ue4.7 opened:

here are my steps:

  • click on the ue-symbol

  • an window pops up
    “Error! No version information received.”

  • i click “OK”

  • the next window pops up, i type in email and password and press “Go offline”

  • i click on “Go offline” (exactly the way i did it the past without errors)

  • the launcher pops up with this text in the “viewport”:
    “Uh oh, there is supposed to be something here but you can´t see it. Try sorting out the connectivity issue and return to this page.
    in the meantime this should not prevent you from using the unreal engine.”

  • Ok… so i click on the left top-button “Sign In Unreal engine 4.7.0”


  • the next window pops up, with email and password and “Go offline”

and so on and so on… i´m in an loop…

can please someone tell me, what i´m doing wrong?

thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi loopon,

Go to your Library tab on the left side of your launcher and you should be able to launch your engine version from there.

hi Adam,

thanks for your reply, this works great :slight_smile:

thank you very much!