I can`t download the assets I bought it, please help.

Hi, I have bought too many assets, more than 1000, but after 1000, any assets I cant download it ,always shows "Unavailable". And theyre in my vault on the web, but not in my vault of launcher ?! Is this a critical bug? Cant buy over 1000 assets ? I have paid for all the assets successful,. I have restart launcher, relogin my account and reinstall the launcher, but still doesn't work, so it's terrible, there is no anyone can help me? Its very upsetting~ :frowning: Please help me out as soon as possible, thanks.

There is no “Armored trooper” in my vault of Launcher ,it`s same as others :

It’s a known issue, there is nothing you can do about it.
If you contacted marketplace support they will get back to you soon.

OK, I just know this problem, thanks.