I can only sign in to the forums, other unreal engine sites continuously sign out and redirect me.

I dont know if the problem is only on my side but if you guys can help fix it it would be appreciated because I am currently working on a marketplace submission and I’ve been completely disabled due to this issue, I cant even check my financial reports.

(Note that this is only happening with unreal websites except for the forums and answer hub) every time I try to sign in to the main site I am immediately met with a message saying signing out and redirected to, when I try to sign into the marketplace or marketplace publisher area I’m trapped in a redirection loop for about half a minute and then an error screen appears saying redirected you too many times, try clearing you cookies.

What I’ve tried:
I’ve tried clearing my cookies, cache, deleting browsing history & passwords and resetting all my internet application settings to default (explorer/chrome) but nothing works. So now I can’t login to any unreal engine area except for the forums and answer hub. All other sites that are not related to Unreal work just fine.

In all my years working here, I don’t believe I’ve ever run across anyone having this issue. I’ve looked over your account and I don’t see anything unusual.

I’m going to have to recommend you reach out to our account support team at the following form:

I hope you get a resolution soon.

Sorry for the trouble and Thanks.

I tried other devices and isolated the issue down to my computer only, then I remembered that 2 days ago my computer’s time jumped 1 hour ahead for no apparent reason and I never corrected it, turns out wrong time was causing the issue, I know that wrong time by at least a day could cause complications but I never imagined 1 hour could do this so I wasn’t bothered by it.

Had the exact same problem and not synced date and time in Windows 10 (not default on after a clean install). Weird that there were no errors in the console, nor any network requests. Just got 302’s to redirect from server.

Yeah I upgraded to windows 10 last week, the time was out sync by a couple of hours and it wouldn’t login again. Lucky enough this time I already knew correcting the time would solve the problem so I didn’t have any trouble.

I must say yes. I cant log in the marketplace, because when I do so on the main page and then go to marketplace - it keeps signing me out and redirecting. Wtf? I dont know what to do. Somehow I logged in this forum for the first time, but the marketplace is still an unreachable area.

Pls help me if you can. :frowning: I want to buy stuff…

Try going into your browser settings and delete the cookies for the Epic/unreal engine sites, then log back in and see if that helps

Happened to me. Seems to be a Firefox thing.

Going to and connect to forums from the community tag seems to flush the problem and cleared the error for me.

Not sure how widespread this is, but I just saw this on Twitter, and it happen to me as well until I deleted all unreal cookies in Chrome:…91843376664576

Clearing cookies only works for a single day usually. After that it starts to happen again. Accessing forum through works, and fixes it for a while, but next day it starts to happen again if accessing the forum directly through a bookmark.