Is not it free? Why can not I download? It displays the error code: E10-0. How can i download it? Please answer my question, thank you!

It’s on EPIC games! help me

i cant download it on epic game it says unsupported OS help me please

mine also says “unsupported OS” dose this mean my computer is not good enough to run it?

i cant downlowd fortnite

What that means is that you have an operating system that is not supported by Fortnite. In other words, you cannot download this game until they either 1. make your OS compatible or 2. you change your OS. Hope this helps.

I need help finding FBR (Fortnite Battle Royale

You can try to download it with a free proxy

you are probally using chrome book i am on it to in these it won’t let you just buy a pc

Error DP-07 impossible install fornite, what is problem?