I can create a session in stand alone mode, but not when I package game.

As you can see I Open the level and put listen. This works in PIE/StandAlone.

However, when I bake the game, I can’t travel to the map, it fails due to some reason.


is in the config DegaultEngine.

What use if there If I can host whilst the engine is running ;/

Hey there!

Would you mind having a look at the LOG files that come with your Standalone?
In the packaged game folders, there should be a “Saved” folder with a “Logs” folder in it (i think).

Inside of it, you should find a log file for each time you start the game. Start the game, try to host
and then copy paste the stuff inside of the newest LOG file. Make sure to post it in the

 tag please.

Where are your levels in your hierarchy?