I buy (and recieve) tools on the marketplace then they are not available what gives?

I “own” Procedural MIDI, nd now when I need it is says not available,.
Project on hold. Sucks! What’s up with that?

Close the launcher, then also find it in the task manager, and kill that. Then restart it. Should be ok.

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Hey @NextWorldVR!

It’s exactly as @ClockworkOcean said. Often times the launcher lags behind the actual purchase of the products, and completely closing the launcher and restarting it will force it to refresh and you will have your new marketplace products.

You can make this even faster by opening settings on the bottom left hand corner of the launcher and deselecting “Minimize to System Tray”. It should completely close the launcher without needing to find it in the “show hidden icons” tab of your taskbar.

If ever closing the launcher the launcher does not work as described in this post or the post above, immediately reach out to Marketplace support and they will assist you.