I broke Open Level?

So I have three levels: MainMenu, Level1 and Level2.

“Open Level” seems to do just that in that the level opens; however, once in Level1 and I “Open Level” to either MainMenu or Level2 and I do a “Get Current Level Name” right afterwards it always shows “Level1”.

The level does open visually; however, things are not correct. For example, when in Level1 and I “Open Level” to Level2, my FirstPersonCharacter spawns at the “Player Start” location found in Level1.

In addition, when I do “Get All Actors of Class” for “Player Start” after the “Open Level” to Level2, I get the Level1 number of “Player Start” actors instead of the Level2 number of “Player Start” actors.

What did I do wrong where (or) what did I set incorrectly where?

Can you share some screenshot from your code?

Sorry for the delay.

Ok. I figured out my “Player Start” issue in that I did not realize that “Event Begin Play” happens every time you change levels.

What I did was that I had code in my FirstPersonCharacter “Event Begin Play” to reload saved data and that is what was happen when I changed from Level1 to Level2.

Fixing that I am still having issues with the following:

It seems that code after the “Open Level (by Object Reference)” does not execute. In my cases the “CL:” + level name print string never happens.

Is it reasonable that no code should be placed after any “Open Level” function?

I believe this is a newbie issue in that I did not know how multiple levels worked and interacted with one another. Jumping between levels is working fine for me now…