I been bit by the Game Developer's bug!

Hope this is the right forum to make an intro post.

I’ve had a crazy idea for a pet project in game development for a while. Then, after recently seeing an award-winning demo of one of my favorite old games re-made using UE4, I got to thinking my idea just might be doable!

I’ve had some rookie experience with development. I made a StepMania Theme ([SM5 Beta 4 Theme] - DDR X2 Plus (CS/PS2) - Simulation Discussion - Simulation Forums - ZIv), which meant using LUA to animate pictures and set up mathematical logic. I studied some C++ in college and use a ton of Office VBA to do my job as an actuary, which means I’m very good with math. I also made a few enemy-less Unreal Tournament levels back in 2002 for the purpose of creating animated scenes for stage theater. And today I tried a ‘My First UE4 Level’ Tutorial. Made a flat field with a couple extra obstacles and a foggy sunlit sky. Walked around with my first person shooter, then right off the side where I fell forever!

Which forums/venues should I use to ask my newbie questions and get some knowhow for my game? I have a vision for it, but I gotta learn how to get it going!