I appreciate the interest of 3d models of hairs

Hello everyone! I appreciate the interest of 3d models of hairs, who would want them and for which price?


Does anyone wants to see physics/animations with hairs out of box ( if yes - which kind of it - ordinary bones, APEX or something else)?

  • What style of hairs is more preferable (realistic, anime, sci-fi etc)?
  • What polycount you want to see in such stuff??

I think hair would be an awesome addition to the marketplace. Something similar to the Witcher 3 in terms of quality, or even Paragon since we’re using the same engine. The more styles the better. Realistic, scifi, fantasy, etc. As far as polycount, nothing that’ll necessarily break the bank but we are dealing with UE4 here so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it if you aren’t being unnecessarily excessive. It’s easy to lower the polycount through LODs and other means, rather than increasing from low to high.

Sounds very good, if you manage to offer the whole package done properly, this could be a must-buy for me.
So, well executed modeling, detailed textures and working easy-to-use shaders with mastermaterial-instancematerial system and maybe like a demo scene with different lighting examples.
Definitely something people are interested in and would pay good money for.