I am working on a maze map

The bsp look a tiny bit angled for some reason and I did try to correct it, for some reason it is not letting me.
I will post a pic of it if I can :confused:


I fixed the BSP :slight_smile:

Curious, what is the maze for?
Does it possess a particular setting or is it ambiguous at the moment?

one thing I always practiced when building mazes; envision the end, before you build the beginning. Find and make an end worth getting to by the means.

Good luck!

Hi Dragonguy,

Assuming you’re developing a Dungeon of sorts, have you considered using a Maze Generation Algorithm, such as the Depth-First Search(DFS)? I developed my own DFS Maze Generator in 1.5 days for my FP Dungeon Crawler. The algorithm can be applied in other ways to create Maze-like passages within a Mansion (Rooms/Corridoors), Forest Trees/Corn Mazes, City Streets, etc. Its just a matter of meshes used to represent β€˜walls’. If you want to save time, you could pick up a Maze Generator in the Marketplace: 1, 2. Good Luck to you.