I am wondering about putting a future version of my extended fps template on the market place.

Its a bit rough and missing some features that I want to have as of now. I think that it would take a few months to get it into shape.

This is the WIP thread:

Trello board showing what is currently in progress:

The basic gist is that this template is a very in depth example of a functional first person shooter with no graphics. Its all based around showing examples of core game play functionality for a verity of things you commonly see in many different kinds of first person shooters. It’s a 100% blueprint project. It’s basically a culmination of something that I personally would have LOVED to have at my disposal a year ago when I wanted to make my own first person shooter.

I am not sure how profitable this would be or even what price would make sense. I have been releasing the project in its entirety on a weekly or biweekly basis. The idea is that once I get the remaining features that I want into place I will then spend a month just commenting and cleaning it all up and putting it out there. Maybe the market place would be the best place for it to reside? Otherwise it will likely just end up on a random post on my TSU very few people will ever see.

Any thoughts or feedback?

I would be interested in this :slight_smile:

Same here, it would hopefully only lead to more people making more fun fps!

How does it compare with the current FPS template on the marketplace? I’m looking for one right now to use. I think Allar made it and made a bit of money from it so you might want to get it out there if it provides some advantages over his. (at least thats my reading of the sales thread)

I’ll have to take a closer look. As far as I can tell my example is going to include single player and coop content like (Quake or Doom). Just from a brief glimpse at his template has more attention to visuals as well like animations and such. Mine is much more focused on working game play examples with very little to zero focus on visuals or sound. I am leaning on not selling it for nearly as much either. Probably less than half to be honest.

I am not super worried about the money as long as I am just not short selling myself.

edit: There is one other option that I am considering and that would be to go ahead and make my own game from it and release it on Steam with full out mod support.

Someone like me would hugely benefit from just what you have to offer, there is no need to include sounds or animations because it allows us to build those systems the way we would like, as well as it allows for more flexability. Personally what I would do if I were you would be to release the work on the marketplace for a cheap price, then go ahead and make a game with it (Since we know how much you want to do that). I think it would be a win win situation as there would be more competition on the marketplace (and your content is in a different genre than the generic shooters is). One day I hope to make a HL1 clone in UE4 and I feel this is much better suited for such a task than the other current products.

You pretty much nailed it. This would be an awesome starting point for a HL1 clone in UE4. Hell the game I want to make is pretty much a clone of Doom 2 with fallout 4 style inventory management. Something like this could easily spawn a Quake 3 style game in a weekend provided you know how to hook up the art.

I’m going to keep working on this and get everything cleaned up. So far my feeling is this seems to be a good idea.

I would love to see a single player version without spawn points etc.

I would start by putting it on gum road. It’s already fantastic and I do like the way you have concentrated on gameplay rather than aesthetics and animations etc.

Thanks for the hard work and look forward to supporting your work on the marketplace or gumroad.

I have not heard of gumroad yet. So far I have been using TSU to build a following but Gumroad looks to be really interesting as well.

I suspect in the near future there will be a bubble of web pages that empower content creators.