I am using Unreal Engine as a part of my research work

Hi Guys,
I am an Engineer/Researcher. I recently graduated from UCF with a PhD. I wanted to showcase and give a C++ unreal engine 4 project that I used for my research. These are nice interactive geometrical diagrams. I used this even for my Dissertation defense, the committee was impressed :slight_smile: There is also a small animation of how the grid points map from spherical to multilayered linearized setting, where Key β€˜E’ starts the animation and β€˜T’ reverses it. I hope this is someway useful to someone.

You can download the project from here:

For more information about the actual research work see these two repos. - File is SIGNAL PROCESSING WITH FOURIER ANALYSIS.pdf

Main C++ code work to generated the 3D plots is here :

Here is the C++ code snippet where is generates the spherical polar grid points :

Here are some pictures that showcase the generated 3D plot:
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HighresScreenshot00000.png HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00002.pngHighresScreenshot00003.pngHighresScreenshot00004.pngHighresScreenshot00014.png HighresScreenshot00015.pngHighresScreenshot00016.png


Looks very cool to me! Nice to see Unreal used for other then just games too! - thanks for sharing!

Thanks @GeeksGoneBad. I have more ideas about how to use this technology for research and educational purposes.

I too used unreal engine 4 and C++ for my PhD studies! I’m so glad to hear of others!

Really interesting work btw :smiley:

Thanks @SaxonRah. Great that you also used this amazing tool for research. I will like to know more about your project. I would even like to share with you my personal email so I can even talk to you offline.

Oh amazing this makes sense. Thanks so much!

great stuff, it’s a very rewarding experience for me, thanks)

Definitely a great application of Unreal!