I am using Unreal Engine as a part of my research work

Hi Guys,
I am an Engineer/Researcher. I recently graduated from UCF with a PhD. I wanted to showcase and give a C++ unreal engine 4 project that I used for my research. These are nice interactive geometrical diagrams. I used this even for my Dissertation defense, the committee was impressed :slight_smile: There is also a small animation of how the grid points map from spherical to multilayered linearized setting, where Key β€˜E’ starts the animation and β€˜T’ reverses it. I hope this is someway useful to someone.

You can download the project from here: GitHub - syedalamabbas/DemoPolarSphericalTransformGeometry: This project contain the demonstration of my algorithms for polar and spherical polar Fourier transform. Those beautiful interactive 3D diagrams are great for research purposes. Even people who usually wont get very interested in technical details become interested after seeing this. UE4 Forum link here : https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?152087-I-am-using-Unreal-Engine-as-a-part-of-my-research-work.

For more information about the actual research work see these two repos.

GitHub - syedalamabbas/MyLatexUCFDoctoralDissertation: These are all the documents related to my Doctoral Dissertation - Summer 2017, PhD Electrical Engineering at University of Central Florida. - File is SIGNAL PROCESSING WITH FOURIER ANALYSIS.pdf

Main C++ code work to generated the 3D plots is here : DemoPolarSphericalTransformGeometry/Source/CppBeamEmitter/BeamWork at master Β· syedalamabbas/DemoPolarSphericalTransformGeometry Β· GitHub

Here is the C++ code snippet where is generates the spherical polar grid points :

Here are some pictures that showcase the generated 3D plot:


Looks very cool to me! Nice to see Unreal used for other then just games too! - thanks for sharing!

Thanks @GeeksGoneBad. I have more ideas about how to use this technology for research and educational purposes.

I too used unreal engine 4 and C++ for my PhD studies! I’m so glad to hear of others!

Really interesting work btw :smiley:

Thanks @SaxonRah. Great that you also used this amazing tool for research. I will like to know more about your project. I would even like to share with you my personal email so I can even talk to you offline.

Oh amazing this makes sense. Thanks so much!

great stuff, it’s a very rewarding experience for me, thanks)

Definitely a great application of Unreal!