I am using a mac book pro. How do I snap an object to the grid because Apple didn't put an "end" key on the laptop

I am using a mac book pro and I am not able to snap objects to the grid. Does anyone know how to do this with a mac book pro since it doesn’t have an “end” key?



Fn + Right Arrow = END

Fn + Left Arrow = HOME


Hello, I’m also interested in this function but this shortcut on my MacBook Pro 2022 (Fn+right arrow) doesn’t work… any other suggestion ? Do you know how this function is precisely called in the preferences shortcuts ? thanks !

Have a MacBook Pro M1 2021 and this shortcut worked on mine. Do you use an external keyboard?

Shortcut called

Hiya, How do I find that shortcut?

It’s in the Editor Preferences, Edit → Editor Preferences → General → Keyboard Shortcuts → Level Editor


Thank you so much!

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